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One of most often searched topics on the web , by me at least, is figure reviews and comparison.
When I start with a new project, or simply decide to give a try to a new miniature maker, I search the net to have an idea of what I'm buying and, most important, how do the miniature looks aside other brand's I already own.
I have to say I never have been so lucky to find a complete review, with comments and comparative charts... but several fellows wargamers have done a nice job.
Now, I have to give something back to the community...

at Salute, last April, I've loitered a little bit around Offensive Miniature stand and I had a very nice chat with the owner, a friendly guy with whom, I'm sure, it would be a pleasure to spend time with in everyday life.
I was looking specifically for his products, having read so well about them on magazines and around the web, so I asked some clarifications about the scale he uses for his minis.
In fact the miniatures appear to be a little bit tiny respect other competitors.
This question started a very well argumented discussion about the 28mm scale problem and the two main philosophies on the matter: 1/56 true scale VS 28 mm as a scale.
Try to figure out: we are used to see as good miniature reproduction not a scaled and anatomically correct man, but a chuncky figure with big hands, big head, bracing some weird and overscaled weapons...
Yes, it's true. GW style 28mm is a standard now and some of the most beatifull pieces here around (front rank, warlord, artizan etc) won't pass a scale modeller exams. But we like them anyway because they are, well, as we think a wargame miniature has to be.
Offensive Miniature policy is to get more close to the scale and anatomically correct side. Therefore the more correct human proportions (expecially hands, head and weapons) make them appearing "tiny" aside to a more conventional 28mm miniature...
On other side, if you try to fit your conventional 28mm miniatures on your 1/56 halftrack you'll have to cut and file a lot to have them seated in or, even, standing on it... Offensive miniature's will fit them perfectly...
On the sculpt side, the poses are not exagerated. People are doing what do you aspect from them, not trying to have a cast for an action movie...
Uniforms and weapons are intended more for Normandy '44 than Cassino...
ok, let see the minis:

this is a whole view of the bounch, in the blister there are 11 different poses
 facial expression are little bit grim and worried... maybe they had heard of an allied landing on the beaches?
 in the squad there are 2 MG42 and 2 ammo carrier, and it will please both historical OOB addicted and Bolt Action players...

 the central figure is a little bit stupid... what is he thinking to do? to call a friend why he has found two seats in theater? to point out to the enemy where is his platoon? or is he minded to take a lift on a passing by sdk fz 251?
here, at last, come the comparison.. on the left side the offensive miniature and on the right side the artizan design one's. I have to say I like them both, but Offensive's one is really more realistic... I would not misc them on the same squad but I'll misc them on the same army...(I've bought a lot of artizan's...)

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